Paper on Reliable Flight Itineraries Published

10.10.2018 -

The journal Networks has recently accepted our paper entitled "The Most Reliable Flight Itinerary Problem". The paper is co-authored with Michael Redmond and Ann Campbell (University of Iowa). Considering large amounts of real flight data, we develop a stochastic network search that allows passengers to find their most reliable itinerary in a given time budget.

Farewell of apl. Prof. Andreas Bortfeldt

26.09.2018 -

Longtime member of the Chair of Management Science apl. Prof. Andreas Bortfeldt is about to retire. He has been a member of the chair since 2012. Prof. Bortfeldt will continue to work on routing and packing problems and will continue to supervise doctoral students. We say thank you and wish apl. Prof. Andreas Bortfeldt all the best for the future.

Paper on Reliable Liner Shipping Published

31.08.2018 -

The Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal has recently accepted and published our paper entitled Liner shipping single service design problem with arrival time service levels. The paper is co-authored with Kevin Tierney (University of Bielefeld), Ann Campbell (University of Iowa) and Daniel Müller. We analyze how schedules of international liner shipping services can be improved through buffers tailored to historical data of operations.

Paper on Urban Vehicle Routing Published

15.07.2018 -

The journal Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review has recently accepted and published the paper entitled Optimizing for Total Costs in Vehicle Routing in Urban Areas. The paper is co-authored with Ann Campbell and Barrett Thomas (University of Iowa). It analyzes how route plans change when considering different objectives (emissions, distance, time, costs) in urban vehicle routing.

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