The Management Science Group offers introductory and advanced classes on operations research, business analytics and information systems with strong focus on applications in transport and logistics. We provide our students with knowledge on how to analyze and aggregate extensive amounts of operational data (e.g. analysis of big data through data mining), and we discuss how to use data aggregates for more efficient, reliable and sustainable planning of transport and logistics operations (e.g. more reliable operations in logistics applications through operations research).

Wintersemester 2017/2018

In winter term 2017/2018, we offer the following classes. An overview timetable of all classes offered in the area of management science can be downloaded here.

Bachelor Program

Note that all Bachelor classes are taught in German language.

  • Business Analytics and Information Systems (Ehmke, 21929, 2 VL + 2 Ü, German language)
    • Monday, 13-15, G22A-203
    • Tuesday, 15-17, G22A-105
    • First appointment: Tuesday, Oct 10
  • IT-Skills (Bortfeldt, 21929, 2 VL + 2 Ü, German language)
    • Tuesday, 17-19, G22A-020
    • Wednesday, 13-15, G22A-020
  • Bachelor-Abschlussseminar (Bortfeldt, 21929, 2 S, German language)

Master Program

Note that all Master classes are taught in English language.

  • Integer and Combinatorial Optimization with Applications (Ehmke, 50011, 2 VL + 2 Ü)
    • Tuesday, 13-15, G22A-013
    • Thursday, 11-13, 13-15, G22A-020
    • First appointment: Tuesday, Oct 10
  • Programming in C++ (Bortfeldt, 50012, 2 VL + 2 Ü)
    • Monday, 17-19, G22A-012
    • Wednesday, 17-19, G22A-012
    • For taking part in the C++ course in WS 2017/18 a registration is necessary. This can be done by sending an e-mail to andreas.bortfeldt@ovgu.de. The e-mail must contain: name, matriculation no, faculty and course of study (e.g. FWW, ORBA).
  • Seminar Management Science/E-Fulfillment (Ehmke, 21928, 1 Ü + 2 S)

For more details, please register in the corresponding classes via E-Learning.

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