The Chair of Management Science offers introductory and advanced classes on operations research and business analytics with focus on applications in transport and logistics.


Summer Term 2024

The following classes are planned for the summer term 2024. 

Bachelor Program (auf Deutsch)

  • Grundlagen des Operations Research

Master Program

  • Introduction to Dynamic Decision Making (equivalent to Approximate Dynamic Programming for Stochastic and Dynamic Decision Making)
  • Scientific Seminar
  • Master Thesis with Colloquium


Winter Term 2023/2024

The following classes are planned for the winter term 2023/2024. 

Bachelor Program (auf Deutsch)

  • Anwendungen in Management Science & Information Systems
  • Bachelor-Abschlussseminar

Master Program

  • Computational Transportation
  • Advanced Computational Transportation
  • Scientific Project Management Science
  • Master Thesis with Colloquium





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